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In Honor of 婆婆

One of the things I enjoy most about jewelry-making is the flexibility that the process lends—both in terms of design elements, as well as in choice of materials. Say you’ve been admiring that turquoise beaded necklace a friend recently wore to a party, yet you’d really prefer wire-wrapped round beads to knotted oblong ones. Rather than purchase it as-is with design qualms, why not approach a jeweler who can custom design and fabricate a piece that meets all of your tastes. You’ll be likelier to re-wear your necklace time and time again with no regret, rather than lament the expense and leave it ignored in the jewelry box. My grandmother (婆婆), Sai, for whom my business is partially named after, passed away last winter. Following that time, my mother and her sisters took possession of and split the jewelry collection she had amassed over the decades. The collection ranged from special occasion jade and yellow gold pieces to more quotidian costume jewelry. Among the items my mother chose, was a double-stranded necklace of pearlized, rosy-toned, …

Caring for Your Jewelry

From rustic jewelry trees (featured tree above is from West Elm) to lady-like, painted ceramic wares, jewelry storage options have dug itself a nice little niche within the home and interior décor industry. However, as temptingly-stylish as those options appear, I encourage you to think twice and perhaps opt for something a little more orthodox. From left to right: Jewelry Box by HomePointe | Mid-Century Cufflinks Box in White Lacquer |Renee Sectioned Sueded Jewelry Box in Black by Mele & Co. The best way to care for and maintain the life of your jewelry is by truly treating it like treasure. Keep your pieces individually tucked away, cleaned regularly, and have your finer pieces examined by a professional on a yearly basis to make sure that your gem settings are secure. Taking these measures will help ensure that your jewelry indeed lasts a lifetime and longer. Here are some simple guidelines to follow: -Avoid wearing jewelry when using household chemicals such as chlorine bleach. These substances can lead to the discoloration or damage of your …

Finding the Right Necklace Length For You

When shopping for jewelry online, it can be tricky to imagine the scale and size of a piece relative to the rest of you, even when the seller provides the product dimensions.   With necklaces, it can be difficult to visualize where a given necklace is going to sit relative to the chest and neckline.  I’ve created this quick image guideline to make life easier: