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Savoring the Quiet Moments | Sunrise on the Horizon

This little treasure was delicately and painstakingly hand-painted for a special order last holiday season.  Trinket boxes like this one make the perfect one-of-a-kind gift for a loved one or friend. I need to constantly remind myself to take a break from the frenetic pace of work and to stop and find calm and appreciate the little things that nature and life have to offer.  As such, here is an attempt to capture the joyful tranquility of watching the sun rise atop a mountain peak.

Mirror, Mirror…

Stranger knocking at the door, or stranger calling at the sill, May seem like no danger, their food will bring you ill. But know this, stranger, with plots twisted all the more, Your must get your hands dirty if you wish to be sure. – Cam S. This piece is one of several from a new series of one-of-a-kind wood trinket boxes inspired by original fairytales.  As you rotate the box in your hand, you will find a precious set of carefully illustrated vignettes highlighting the major story points of the original “Snowdrop” fairytale, complete with a poison apple top to match.  

In Honor of 婆婆

One of the things I enjoy most about jewelry-making is the flexibility that the process lends—both in terms of design elements, as well as in choice of materials. Say you’ve been admiring that turquoise beaded necklace a friend recently wore to a party, yet you’d really prefer wire-wrapped round beads to knotted oblong ones. Rather than purchase it as-is with design qualms, why not approach a jeweler who can custom design and fabricate a piece that meets all of your tastes. You’ll be likelier to re-wear your necklace time and time again with no regret, rather than lament the expense and leave it ignored in the jewelry box. My grandmother (婆婆), Sai, for whom my business is partially named after, passed away last winter. Following that time, my mother and her sisters took possession of and split the jewelry collection she had amassed over the decades. The collection ranged from special occasion jade and yellow gold pieces to more quotidian costume jewelry. Among the items my mother chose, was a double-stranded necklace of pearlized, rosy-toned, …