Sailindesigns.com is a jewelry resource guide and jewelry shop. Whether you are looking to purchase a new piece for your collection, or simply looking for the low-down on the technical aspects to jewelry, you’ve come to the right place. The SaiLin Designs blog aims to share suggestions and creative solutions to your accessory needs, while trying to help decrypt the complexities of the jewelry world for the everyday consumer.

From the Artist:

Hello everyone! I’m Jen, the voice and creator behind SaiLin Designs.

The focus of my art practice is storytelling through jewelry making. As an artist, it can sometimes be difficult to determine which medium is going to best suit or explore your subject matter—in my case, cultural narrative and nostalgia. I dipped my toes into a number of art-making practices before I found it in jewelry: wedding and portrait photography, large scale painting, illustration. None of them fit the bill in quite the same way.

Now you might ask: how exactly does jewelry making qualify as storytelling? I feel that every piece of jewelry comes with a story. Every piece of jewelry can or has been imbued with a history—a story of its cultural symbolism, a tale of its conception and a journey throughout its ownership. Jewelry and the process of making those pieces can be shared culturally, communally, and generationally. Imagine the jade bracelet that never leaves your grandmother’s wrist. Long ago, it was passed down to her by her mother, who had also once received it from her own mother. Throughout its lifetime, the bracelet has experienced many precious moments: ones of loss, ones of love, ones of day-to-day happiness. Carved from nephrite jade, the bracelet’s composition also speaks to the rich history and ceremonial value of jade in Asian culture, harking back to a to a time way before this bracelet’s creation. Indeed, so many stories can rest with single arm adornment. That is what jewelry embodies for me: the past, the present, and the future.

The most recent off-shoot of my art practice has been hand-illustration on wood trinket boxes.  These boxes serve a dual purpose, encouraging its owners to reduce the tarnishing of their jewelry through proper storage, and giving me yet another creative outlet for reflection.  Each illustration seeks to tell quick story or to celebrate a memorable moment that I’ve experienced.

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