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Gem Highlight of the Week: Blue Moon Diamond

Autumn is officially upon us. Yippee! The foliage is a burst with color and the proliferation of pumpkins and ghostly paraphernalia throughout the neighborhood point to a Halloween spirit in full swing.

Did anybody have the opportunity to observe late September’s supermoon?

© 2015 SaiLin Designs

© 2015 SaiLin Designs

With the moon in mind, I wanted to feature the Blue Moon Diamond as our gem highlight of the week. As you may have heard last month, it is poised to sell for as much as $35 to $55 million when it goes to auction at Sotheby’s in Geneva mid-November (Mosendz, “Big Blue Moon Diamond…”).

Copyright: Cora International | Photo by: Tino Hammid

Copyright: Cora International | Photo by: Tino Hammid

Aptly titled after the phrase “once in a blue moon,” this rare, 12.03 carat, fancy vivid blue diamond has been deemed internally flawless in clarity by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). What truly distinguishes this gem is its exceptionally unique color. In comparison to the colorless varieties that most consumers are familiar with– if for no other reason than the classic diamond engagement ring–, fancy colored diamonds are a rarity, and therefore much more valuable. The Blue Moon Diamond features such a strongly saturated blue, an occurrence that is even more extraordinary. Most minerals owe their color characteristics to the presence of inherently colored chemicals (ex. Copper in blue or green minerals) within their internal composition. Diamonds, on the other hand, “…obtain their colors from so-called ‘color centers’. They are single or multiple non-carbon atoms that replace carbon in the structure of the diamond, causing a disturbance in the structure and sometimes giving rise to the color. The distinctive blue color in diamonds is attributed to trace amounts of the element boron in the crystal structure…” (, “Blue Moon Diamond”). Oh the wonders rendered by nature, and then honed by humans.


Blue Moon Diamond. Natural History Museum, 23 September 2014. Web. 05 October 2015.

Mosendez, Polly.  “Big Blue Moon Diamond Expected to Bring Over $35 million at Auction”. Newsweek. 19 September 2015. Web. 05 October 2015.

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